Battle Football Back Plate - Youth

Battle Football Back Plate - Youth
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We know protection and performance like it's our job. Because it is.
The new Battle Back Bone has been designed to deliver maximum protection and comfort to ballers of all ages. The Battle Back Bone absorbs impact and provides reliable protection to your back region. Compared to flat back plates, the unique design of Battle’s curve plate disperses impact and is much more comfortable to wear. Strong attachment straps to keep the backplate close to your back.  Floppy backplates don't help when you get hit. Blindside hits can be painful; get your game right.
Product DNA
    • High Impact Foam Interior 
    • Curved Design for Max Energy Disbursement
    • Universal Fit 
    • Hardware Included
    • Features a High Gloss White Finish
Model Shown
    • 10 Years Old
    • Height: 4'10
    • Weight: 75 Pounds
    • Youth
    • Width: 9.5"
    • Height: 5.75"
Care Instructions 
    • Hand wash with mild soap
    • Do NOT submerge in water
    • Dry at room temperature
    • Do NOT use machine dryer
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